Warewashing and Kitchen Cleaning

At Taskem, our range of products enhances the overall cleaning and hygienic needs of kitchenware and floors. This is essential to all food catering services in order to maintain the industry's highest possible standard.

Housekeeping & Building Maintenance

Our range of high quality products fulfills environmental qualifications and enhances the overall level of cleanliness for buildings and various cleaning operations.

Laundry Services

At Taskem, we provide a full range of powder and liquid laundry products developed for hotels and industrial/commercial laundry plants with high efficiency and low costs.

Industrial Maintenance

Our industrial maintenance product line is used for all industrial machinery cleaning, public transportation (motor vehicles, ships, railways, buses), and power generation plants.

Metal Finishing

Our metal surface treatment product line is used for electroplating pretreatment, metal paint pretreatment, aluminum coloring and anodizing, and all metal spray cleaning processes.

Consumer Goods

At Taskem, we provide a full range of household cleaning products from liquid hand soaps to refined washing detergents that will satisfy the cleaning needs of household consumers.